How to set up a new HP printer using

setup hp printer

HP is one of the most powerful and well-known brands in the IT world. Like all the products of HP, Hp printers are one of the most powerful tools or an instrument. It plays an important role in everyone’s personal as well as professional life. HP offers a range of printers to satisfy different needs of the users such as where one person in the office need printer for paper prints on the same hand others need it for photo print. So, Hp makes printers that can print everything in one place. When someone buys a new printer it is a little bit tricky to set up the printer by following the proper guidelines. In this article, we will figure out how you can easily configure or setup HP Printer by just following a few steps.

Steps to setup HP printer using

The HP setup page helps the user to set up a printer on their system. These steps are only for those users who are using the printer for the first time as well as it provides lots of information during the consequent needs. So, if you are new to hp printer and wondering how to set up the printer then check out the below-stated steps:

  • Once you receive the printer, unpack it and place it at the preferred location.
  • Bring all the cables from the box and plug them at their preferred place. You can check the manual to figure out which cable fits where.
  • Connect the printer with the power source and move to the next step.
  • Now you need to fill the cartages with the ink and to the successful filling hold the cartridges from both sides so that ink can go to the corresponding slots.
  • Once you fill the ink in the cartridges bring the papers and load them in the paper tray of the printer.
  • Further, you need to download the drivers for the specific model which you will find on
  • Open it with the help of a browser. Here you can select the model of the printer from the various options to get the drivers. Download and install the drivers carefully.
  • On this page, you will able be able to find the instruction manual for setup by using your HP printer’s model number.
  • Once you install the drivers test the Hp printer by taking printout.

If the installation process completed successfully then the device will start printing but in case it does not be able to print the papers then you need to install the drivers and software of the printer and install them again. If still it doesn’t work then contact with the HP printer support for technical as well as non-technical assistance. The HP Printers has a well-trained team of professionals to resolve all the problems of their users. The above steps are applicable to setup all models of HP printers. Setup your new printer now to enjoy amazing printing.