How to watch Fox Now on your device via

Fox Now is one of the most popular content based service. It allows the users to watch Fox Now on-demand shows via compatible devices. All the users need to do is to enter the activation code of the compatible device at This activation process will allow you to access blockbuster and the latest video content on your device. You need to follow the right activation process that will lead you to the error-free activation process. In this post, we will share the complete activation process to watch Fox Now on your favorite device.

Step by Step activation process to watch Fox Now on your device

You must have a Fox account along with the subscription to watch the Fox Now streaming app content on your device. Further, proceed with the activation process mentioned below to watch your favorite Fox Now shows:

1. Download the Fox Now streaming application on your device from the play store of the device. You can also visit the official website of Fox Now to download the application compatible with your device.

2. After that launch the Fox Now streaming application and login with the TV provider. If you don’t know the login credentials then you will be advised to contact the TV provider to know the details to log in at the Fox Now app.

3. Once you get the login credentials login with the TV provider on the Fox News app. After login, you will see an activation code on the screen. Save this code and proceed with the activation process.

4. After saving the activation code you need to visit the official activation page of Fox Now at with the help of a web browser of a computer. 

5. Here you will reach the login page of Fox Now. You need to log in with the same credentials that you have used at the Fox Now app of your device.

6. After login you will reach the activation page of the Fox Now app where you can read the complete activation details. Along with the information, there will be a blank box to enter the activation code.

7. Enter the activation code that you have saved previously and then click on the continue button.

8. Now refresh the Fox Now streaming app screen. If your device is activated successfully you will see the content of the Fox Now the app will be unlocked and available to play.