Steps To Watch Prime Video on TV – prime video com mytv

Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial to its users. As per the Amazon rules or terms, only the new users are eligible to access the free trial. If you are a returning user of Prime video then you will not be able to access a free trial of prime video. Also during the free trial, you can watch Prime Video on your favorite device. This will allow you can watch your favorite content on your device. For this, you need to find and enter the MYTV code of your device at prime video com mytv. This post will share the quick and easy activation process with you.

Easy steps to activate prime video com mytv

Once you complete the account creation process on Prime Video your free trial will automatically start. Then follow the below-stated steps to watch Prime video on your device for free:

1. First of all visit the app store of the device and search for the Prime video application.

2. After that click on the download button to install the application and wait till the installation completes.

3. Next, you need to launch the application on your device.

4. Moreover you will land on the login page of the Amazon Prime Video

5. On this page enter the Prime video account credentials that have a 30-day free trial working on it.

6. After login an activation code will appear on the screen. We recommend you to keep this code save till the completion of the activation process.

7. Further on the computer or mobile visit

8. On this page you need to log in with the same Prime Video account that you have used at your device’s Prime Video application.

9. After login you will see a new page will open with a space to enter the activation code.

10. Enter the activation code that you have saved earlier on your device and then click on the “Register My device”.

11. Now you can see all the video content of your device is unlocked to watch and you can enjoy streaming your favorite content.


You need to make sure that your device is eligible to access Prime video on it before proceeding with the activation process. Further, you can use these steps to activate smart TVs and other android devices that are compatible. So, now you can enjoy your Prime video movies and shows with your family to spend some quality time.