How to activate Trakt Kodi by using

Trakt Tv is a media tracking service that helps the user to synchronize the TV shows and movies across different devices and platforms. By integrating the Trakt Tv service to your favorite apps will help you to manage the content of different platforms at once. Trakt tv can be accessed on almost all devices and streaming apps. All you need to do is to enter the Trakt TV activation code of the device at This activation process will allow you to enjoy all the features of the Trakt Tv streaming application. In this post, we will share the activation process of the Trakt TV app on Kodi with easy and quick steps.

Steps to activate Trakt TV app on your Kodi

Before activating the Trakt TV application you must register for an account on Trakt Tv, Trakt Tv app is a free service this means you don’t need to subscribe to any plan to activate it on your Kodi. Follow the below-mentioned process to activate your device on the Trakt TV app:

1. Download the Trakt TV streaming app on your device by going to the Application store of the device.

2. In the application store you need to find the Trakt TV app and click on the Download button.

3. Once the streaming app completes downloading launch the Trakt TV streaming application on your device.

4. Here you will see the “Activate Trakt for free” button and as a result, you will see an activation code on the screen.

5. Save this activation code and then follow the steps mentioned further.

6. Next, go to the on the web browser of your computer or mobile phone. Y

7. You need to enter the activation code on the blank box available on the screen.

8. Further click on the continue button and you will reach the login page of the Trakt TV platform.

9. After login an activation success message will prompt on the screen

10. Now your Trakt TV streaming app is activated on Kodi and you need to refresh the Trakt TV app on your device to sync them with the different applications.


Trakt tv app will help you to track the watch history of different applications of your device in one place. You need to follow the above-stated activation process carefully so that you can use the Trakt TV app on your device.