How to activate the Authorstream app

Your ultimate sports streaming mate is definitely one of the most entertaining apps you can use to stream your favourite Sport.

Are you looking for the steps in which you can activate the author stream app on your smart TV? If so, this is the perfect place for you. You don’t need to search any further as we have given you an easy and simple guide in which you can effectively activate your author stream app on your smart TV hassle-free and effortless.

Steps to activate AuthorStream

  1. To activate the Authorstream, you must sign in to the app through your compatible TV device.
  2. You must use a second device to operate it from your TV and visit the official website,
  3. Alternatively, you can also opt for the QR code activation by using your other phone to scan and follow the steps to activate the author stream app on your phone.
  4. Therefore, you can easily activate the Authorstream on your smart TV only by just following some simple steps.
  5. Either activation via the official website
  6. or QR code
  7. How to activate Authorstream on your TV normally?
  8. To begin with, download the author stream app on the compatible TV device and launch it. Once the app opens, click on the ‘sign in’ option.
  9. Then they will generate you an activation code.
  10. Then open the search browser from your other phone or tablet and search for
  11. Once the official window opens, enter the activation code on the official website provided to you earlier on the television screen.
  12. If the code expires, click on the ‘try again’ option on your TV screen, and they will generate a new code.
  13. Click on ‘continue’ after entering the eight-digit activation code. Then it might ask you to put in your login credentials.
  14. Once you have complied with all the necessary steps, the device will be activated.
  15. Now it’s all set, and you’re ready to stream on the author stream app.

How to activate the Author stream using the QR code?

  • When the QR code is available on your television screen, scan it using the other smartphone. Once scanned, it will redirect you to the activation page or the official website.
  • You need to click on the confirmation button, and once confirmed, your TV will automatically sign in.

What are the subscription options?

When you sign up on your Author stream app, you will get three subscription package options, the first one is kayo, the Second one is basic, and the last one is premium.

The facilities, the quality of the content and all the other features in all the three packages are the same, but the only difference among the three is the number of devices you can stream from it At a time.

In the case of kayo one, you can stream only on one device simultaneously.

In the case of basic, you can stream using two devices simultaneously.

While if you wish to stream three devices simultaneously, the premium pack is for you.

The monthly subscription of ‘one’ costs rupees $25 per month.

The monthly subscription of ‘basic’ costs 27.50 per month.

Lastly, a ‘premium’ monthly subscription costs $35 per month.

It also allows you to have a free trial for new customers.