How to setup Norton antivirus –

www norton com setupNorton antivirus is one of the most popular and trusted antivirus available in the market. It was developed as well as distributed since 1991 as a part of the Norton family. Symantec’s Norton antivirus owns this antivirus. The company is known in the field of computer security. Norton antivirus is capable to detect and prevent the entering of viruses, spyware, Trojan horse, and worms as well. Norton regularly scans the computer to detect viruses if any available. Norton also provides internet security to stop virus to enter from malicious websites. You need to purchase Norton antivirus to get advanced features of the antivirus. But most of the time people find difficulties in setting up an antivirus. It is not like the other antivirus, Norton has its setup page to help users to set up their antiviruses. In this article, we will discover how to set up Norton antivirus with the help of the Norton activation page.

Steps to setup Norton antivirus using

Norton’s total security is one of the most demanded products of Norton antivirus. This process can be used for all antivirus solutions of Norton. When you purchase the antivirus you will get a product key to activate the antivirus. You can get the product key by three methods, one is to get it from the Norton antivirus account. The second method is to grab the key by subscribing to the Norton antivirus on the official website of the antivirus. And the third method is to get it by purchasing the physical antivirus which is basically a CD. So, check out the following steps to activate the product key:

  • Before installation makes sure that your computer does not have already installed antivirus. If you have one then you must uninstall the antivirus first.
  • Now open your computer’s browser and visit
  • Choose your country and location to continue the process.
  • Now click on the Enter the product key. This will redirect you to a new page where you need to register yourself with Norton antivirus. If you already have an account then instead of enter product key click on the “Returning user sign-in” option.
  • After registration sign in to your account.
  • Once you login to your account you will install the Norton antivirus. You can purchase the subscription as per your needs if you don’t have once.
  • Once you install the antivirus, use the product key to activate antivirus when asked during the installation process.

Once you completed the installation process you can easily use the Norton antivirus in your computer system. You can change the settings of the antivirus as per your needs and permissions under your subscription. If you find any issues during setting up your antivirus then make sure you are using the correct product key. Because product key is a combination of the alpha-numeric key, so if you are filling the key wrong then definitely you will find problems. Also, you need to finish the installation steps carefully. If still you find problems then you can contact Norton customer care for help.