How to activate Xfinity –

Xfinity is an on-demand entertainment streaming platform designed to explore various types of entertainment shows. Watch horror, thrilling action movies, romantic comedy series,  movie teasers, and other programs on Xfinity. Enjoy the add-free films and the latest release on Xfinity. You can also stream the previous entertainment programs of this channel. Watch Xfinity on your big screen within some simple steps. If you are wondering how to activate Xfinity, you are at the right place.

Devices like Roku, Samsung, Sling TV, Playstation, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Android TV are Compatible.

To watch Xfinity, follow the below steps of activation:

  1. Tap on the Home option and visit the TV Menu to add the Xfinity Channel from the Roku Channel Store. However, you may still have to download the app.
  2. Some devices may already have the Xfinity application pre-installed on their devices at the time of purchase.
  3. Now, select install the app and wait to launch it on your device.
  4. After entering the Sign-in Menu on the application, proceed to the ‘Link TV Code’
  5. A unique code about six alphanumeric characters will display on the TV screen. This code is crucial to complete the registration.
  6. Visit the activation portal of Xfinity- on a web browser from your other device like a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.
  1. An activation screen with six spaces will appear on your TV screen. It is for entering the activation code that you received on the sixth step.
  2. Now proceed to Sign-in with your TV service provider’s credentials.
  3. After this, click on the ‘Continue’ option and proceed to the Xfinity application on your TV.
  4. Wait for some time to refresh the app. Press on the refresh option if required or restart the application.
  5. You will receive a notification for completing the registration process on the screen of your device.

Voila! Congratulations, you successfully activated Xfinity on your device.